About Us

WhiteWash is sustainable apparel for your real life

It's about what works and makes you feel good.

What it means to be sustainable...

We are committed to the environment. With the fashion industry as the second highest polluter in the world, we believe that the way we source, process, manufacture, and distrubute needs to change univerally in order to preserve our planet. This means that we make sure that the fabrics we use are grown & processed with the earth in mind; sourcing only the finest eco-friendly materials that are as gentle on the globe as they are on our skin.

Why we manufacture in NYC...

Since launching in 2009, we've been proudly running all aspects of development & production in NYC. In this way, we are able to support the local garment industry; keeping alive the rich history of manufacturing in the city. We are honored to work with factories that adhere to moral labor practices and secure living wages for their employees. Every hand that takes part in the creation of a WhiteWash garment is part of an ethical workforce.

Who's behind the brand...

Founded by creative director, Jesse Elliott, WhiteWash began from an exploration of the intersections of art & design. As a studio art major at NYU Steinhardt, Jesse taught himself how to sew for a sculpture installation using a machine he had found on the street. Since then, he has extended his sculptural practice to the body. Focused on creating timeless pieces that transcend seasonality, he has created a collection based on core essentials that center around wearability, versatility, and comfort.

The process of each piece begins in the studio and is inspired from life. Whether that be clothing, art, home goods, or architecture - we invite you to live a life where beauty, function, and quality align. Good design finds these points of intersection and guides that process of alignment. WhiteWash aims to create fewer, better things.

All WhiteWash Collection garments are designed & constructed in New York from sustainably sourced materials. Wrap yourself in our soft, fine bamboo jersey knits, layer on our supple shearlings and leathers, pare down for the summer sun in our lightweight wovens and face the world in comfort & style.

WhiteWash Collection founder, Jesse Elliott, started the studio in an exploration of the intersections of art & design and a pursuit of integrated living. Inspired by his fine art and sculptural background, Jesse continues to be inspired by the aesthetics of nature and the elements that we must live in harmony with. His vision for a simple, sustainable, and beautiful life isn't complicated. It only takes mindfulness and practice of living aligned with the people, places, and things we surround ourselves with.