All WhiteWash Collection garments are designed & constructed in New York from sustainably sourced materials. Wrap yourself in our soft, fine bamboo jersey knits, layer on our supple shearlings and leathers, pare down for the summer sun in our lightweight wovens and face the world in comfort & style.

The process of each piece begins in the studio and is inspired from life. Whether that be clothing, art, home goods, or architecture - we invite you to live a life where beauty, function, and quality align. Good design finds these points of intersection and guides that process of alignment while sharing that vision with others. WhiteWash aims to create fewer, better things.

Jesse Elliott | Creative Director

After finding a sewing machine on the street, Jesse taught himself how to use it for a sculpture installation in university. He started to experiment designing clothing, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that have more of a relationship to art than trend-based fashion. From there, WhiteWash Collection has grown to include a foundation of core pieces that focus on wearability, versatility, and comfort.


Alexa Suess | Executive Director

After joining WhiteWash as a model, Alexa quickly became an integral member of the team. Also coming from a fine arts background, she understood the mission of seeking the intersections of art and design. Combined with her personal commitment to local & sustainable manufacturing processes, she helps guide the collection towards our goals of becoming a zero-waste company.


Arielle Johnson | Production Manager

Arielle is also an artist whose extensive experience in manufacturing in NYC is an essential element for WhiteWash. She works hands-on with our pattern makers and sample hands to prepare the original draped garment for production. From there, she oversees the workshops in every step of the process to ensure that the collection's garments are made ethically & of quality.